I am Rasheed Ahamed, a startup enthusiast, growth marketer, and writer.

I have excelled in engineering but ended up in marketing as I love to talk about how interesting products solve today’s problems. Also, I believe getting the right tool to the right person at the right time can create wonders. Don’t you?

What you’ll read here?

I see Marketing as a ‘matchmaking’ job. If you think about it, marketing broadly has three necessary functions: Understand humans and what motivates them to do what they do. Understand the problems they face in their lives (to put it another way, what your startup solves). And, matching.

You need to take care of all three parts:

a) Learn about your users and why they do what they do.

b) Learn about what your product solves — in & out and how it solves.

c) Lastly, learn how you can effectively match the users who’re looking to solve a problem that you solve — with your product.

Being a startup marketer, I tend to focus on the three themes here (no surprise!) — Humans, Problems, and Matching. Occasionally, I study how startups are attempting to be great at the trio.

I’m a good curator and I read books, not a lot, but I try to reflect on at least one per month.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, AngelList, Quora, and MuckRack.